In 2017 five articles, rooted in the IMPRO project, were published in scientific journals.

An article on graph-based impact analysis was published in Animal, another paper on the prevalence of production disease related indicators was published in Livestock Science and an article on capturing systemic interrelationships by an impact analysis was published in Agricultural Systems.

Margret Krieger was leading author in all three publications, which based on research in WP2 and formed the basis for her PhD thesis.

Julie Duval was leading author in another publication in Animal on an Herd Health and Production Management programme carried out in IMPRO WP3.

Isabel Blanco.Penedo was leading author in a publication on research results based in WP9 which was accepted by Frontiers in Veterinary Science in the last days of 2017.

Find more bibliographic details and links in the publication list.


The "Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau" is an important scientific conference on organic agriculture for german speakiing countries. In 2017 four presentations were given by the German IMPRO team: Marget Krieger gave a presentation on production diseases in organic dairy herds and on the interaction of system variables and production dieseases. Susanne Hoischen-Taubner gave a talk on failure costs due to udder diseases and lameness in German organic dairy farms. Albert Sundrum presented conclusions on homeopathic treatments in organic dairy farming.

You can find all abstracts on Organic Eprint.

In 2016 four more articles were published in scientific journals:

  • Julie Duval and her Co authors published two articles on the participatory approach and the perception of veterinary practicioners.
  • Philip Jones and Co authors succeedes in publishing an article on European organic dairy farmers’ intentions to improve herd health.
    All three articles were published  in Preventive Veterinary Medicine.
  • An article on the efficacy of homeopathy in livestock by Caroline Doehring and Albert Sundrum ws published in Veterinary Record.

See the IMPRO publication list for more details.

During 29th World Buiatrics Congress in Dublin several members of the IMPRO team presented outcome of the project to an interested audience:

Henk Hogeveen gave the key note and Felix van Soest a presentation in the economic session. Caroline Doehring and Diana Keller presented some results on the current use of homeopathy and conclusions on the efficacy of homeopahthy in a session on complementary medicine. Margret Krieger presented a poster on the participatory on-farm approach in the Herd Health Management poster session and another poster on the prevalence of production diseases in the Animal Welfare session.

You can find the abstracts in the Book of Abstracts


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