WP2 has developed the on-farm protocol for assessing animal health status, resources, measures and general characteristics of organic dairy farms, and applied it to more than 200 farms in four European countries (France, Germany, Spain and Sweden). The protocol and additional data collection provided an estimation of the European-wide and structural variability of health status on organic dairy farms. Furthermore, the participatory and farm-centric approach was carried out, based on an impact matrix to assess opportunities and constraints.

Finally, the health status of the farms were assessed before and after the farms had participated in the advisory activities. Also reference values have been elaborated which could be used to establish achievable health standards within organic dairy farms in Europe. The reference values as well as feasible approaches have been discussed in different European countries with stakeholders from various sectors.

Deliverables D2.1, D2.2, D2.4 and D2.5 are available for download.


Final brochure

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